King Tick

He appears more a tick than a builder, an ebullient parasite delightfully dancing while gorging on wealth acquired without due payment. A behavior known in civilized circles as theft. He twists the letter of law to cheat and swindle; to suck life-blood from partners, associates and investors. In the mirror, he sees a king; a champion of loopholes willing to take advantage of anyone. Like a King Midas in reverse, the gold he touches turns to brass or worse. Failures he transmutes into success with enzymatic denial to inflate a perpetually bloated ego. Stuck to the host with media hooks, he hangs bloated and distorted; a parasitic vector infecting society with hate and misguided nostalgia; an anti-productive shell swollen with illusions of grandeur.

Not that I have an opinion on the matter.

© 2016 Karl May

2 responses to “King Tick”

  1. I wonder, who that is?

  2. Karl E May says:

    Oh, just a character profile of a bad capitalist.

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